Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Return of Phyllis - WITH PHOTOS

So, last night Husband and I came home early from a date. He took The Kid up to bed and left me alone. I was bored and still gussied up so I decided to take some selfies, as one does. I took a bunch that I did absolutely nothing with (as one does), then one for Snapchat, then Husband came downstairs and we started watching a movie so I kind of forgot about them.

This morning, I remembered the photos and thought I'd crop one into a new avi. When I opened it in Snapseed, I noticed something very unsettling.


I thought that Phyllis had moved on, but I'm guessing this is her. Or, perhaps it was never Phyllis at all but someone else entirely, which would explain the outfit, which looks to me like some kind of colonial garb.

I should note that we haven't had a ton of paranormal activity lately. The Kid did say that he's seen phantom people walking into rooms where nobody's been (we haven't told him about the other activity), but that was a while back. It seemed the ghost wasn't a fan of our landlord, and things would happen when he was here. Once, a glass I was microwaving with liquid in it flew out of the microwave in his direction; another time, right after he left, the globe from over the light in our bathroom crashed down to the floor and broke - nobody was in the room. Since we've bought the home, however, things have been relatively quiet...aside from electronics and appliances constantly burning out or going haywire.

The lights reflected are the lamp (top) and my phone screen (bottom). The other stuff...I have no idea. The only light sources in the room were the lamp in front of me and the television, which is against the wall opposite the wall the couch is against.

I messed with the levels in Photoshop to try and get a clearer picture:


I have other photos that were taken in succession with this one and the form seems to morph. These two were taken in succession but before the above photo, all at 10:00 PM:

These were taken after the top photo,

at 10:02 PM:

...and at 10:04 PM:

And one taken at 10:14 PM, via Snapchat (so I had to reverse the picture and the image quality is much lower):

For reference, here's what the window looks like from this angle during the day:

Here's what's outside the window:

And here's the view from the window, showing what the window would reflect:

So, I guess I'll contact TAPS after all. Although she seems to be living mostly in harmony with us, I'd be interested to know more about her and maybe help her to cross over to somewhere better, if at all possible. Until then, no more pictures alone at night. *shivers*
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