Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You're Busted, Ghosts!

If you aren't familiar with the paranormal activity in my house and would like to catch up before reading the full report, you can do so here, here, here, and here.

Well, folks! The results are in! We officially have a ghost! I'm not crazy!*

After the photo incident , I visited the TAPS website and found a nearby chapter called SPIRT of PA and submitted a form through their site. A lovely and kind woman named Rebecca got back to me swiftly via email and we set up a time for her to call me for a phone interview.

...Well, technically, we set up two phone interviews. The first interview didn't happen because my phone mysteriously stopped working when the time came for us to talk. Eventually, talk we did, and we set up a Saturday night for the team to come investigate my house. Just for the record, SPIRT of PA does not charge for their services, they do it solely for their love of and fascination with the paranormal.

When the night arrived, Husband took The Kid out while I stayed home and let them in. A homeowner had to be here for insurance purposes, in case something got broken.** They do require complete silence and darkness, however, so I shut myself along with my dog in my room as they went about their business. The whole process took a few hours, and I came out when they took breaks to chat. What great folks, by the way! There were four team members, all of whom exuded wonderful, positive energy. 

Tonight, Rebecca came back to our house (Along with her adorable baby! Hooray!) to deliver the team's full report, including photos and audio.*** They did a very thorough job and I am so grateful to have had this fun and interesting experience. I can't recommend this team highly enough. 

Here is the full report, edited only for privacy:


Case #:   160429
Client Name Teri Brown
Date of Investigation _Apr 29, 2016____Lead___RMB_______________

Address of Location:   PA

Arrival Time: 7:45 pm
Departure Time: 10:30 pm

Investigation Findings

Investigators Present: Rebecca B (Lead), Mark M, Gina M, John K

Equipment Used: Olympus WS-321M Digital Voice recorder, REM Pod, Cybersnap DC-1231 Full Spectrum Camera,  MEL-8704R-REM Meter, Zoom H1 Recorder, Fiji Point and Shoot digital camera, MEL-8200VIBE

Baseline EMF – 0.00Mg
Baseline Temp – 77*F

Known Contamination – Home has a radon system. There was a lot of EMF given off by the cold water pipes – shown to client during investigation.

Investigation Locations:

Guest Bedroom
  • Investigator felt a cold “breeze” while sitting in the computer chair which seemed to relate to heavy pressure being felt.  A second investigation team had the same chill while in the same location.  We could not find a draft or any other source of cold air.
  • Investigator felt a heavy pressure on his head while doing EVP session
  • Investigators heard a loud “Bang” coming from Son’s Bedroom while asking EVP questions.
Son’s Bedroom
  • Investigator felt the room “rocking” as if dizzy or on a boat.
  • Picture frame on the sill appears to have been moved (lifted and placed face down) while investigators were in Guest Room
  • Investigator felt chills and then nausea
  • Investigators heard footsteps coming up the stairs – they verified that no one was moving around the house at the time.
  • Investigators asked for the temperature to be lowered to 73* in the guest room – but the MEL recording temp in the Son’s room went off.
  • Investigators smelled smoke but no source was found
  • Investigators heard knocking in the corner behind the shelf (next to cabinet)
  • Investigators heard walking in the kitchen and down the basement steps
  • Investigators heard movement in the kitchen near the stove area and a loud “BANG” when they approached the stove to investigate.
  • While in the kitchen, investigators heard movement on the stairs leading to the basement
TV Room
  • Investigator did two EVP sessions while sitting in this area but did not get any responses
  • Investigators tried to recreate the photo that Teri took with the image in the background
Living Room
  • Investigator felt like her body was “vibrating”
  • Investigators heard movement in the basement like a “shuffling”

Psychic Impressions:

Investigators got impressions all over the house.  They picked up several names including “Mark” (which might refer to the Mark who was in-house investigating), “William”, “Lindsey” and “Ernie”
Investigator also got the impression of manic female or a crazy female that stayed in the house as the husband went off to work and that the time period might be 60’ or 70’s.
Investigators got the impression of a house fire.
Investigator felt like the spirits were playing a game of cat/mouse with the team and were trying to mislead them.

Historical Background:

Home was built in 1950s as a single family home.

The property was never abandoned or sold at auction. Nor were there any major fires, construction or death noted.

Evidence Findings:

Audio: We have 3 EVPs to submit [TERI'S NOTE: Listen with headphones and sound all the way up]
  1. “H****** - Mark - LR” – class B – 00:00:08
    Recorded in the Living Room during EVP session.  Note: there was an investigator “Mark” on site but this was not his voice nor was he in the room.
Recorded in the Living Room during EVP session – no preceding question.  Imbedded whisper saying “Man” or “Pain”
  1. “H****** - Tess – SR” – class C – 00:00:08
    Recorded in Son’s bedroom during EVP session.  Investigator claimed the room was moving like a ship/rocking while this was recorded.  Imbedded whisper saying “Tess”? Appears to be the same voice as EVP 2
  2. We did throw out 5 “inconclusive” EVPs
Photographs: We have 3 unusual photographs to submit showing the movement of the photo frame:

Video: We have no unusual video to submit


It is the impression of the SPIRT of PA team that there is activity in this home.  It is our impression that the entity/entities were aware of our presence and did not want to cooperate with the investigation.  They seemed to be engaged in a game of cat/mouse during the night and giving misleading information both in the noises they were making or the psychic impressions they were giving.  We don’t believe that these entities are harmful in any way but more mischievous and resistant to interference.  They seemed determined to throw us incorrect clues all night.

We believe that unless anyone in the home feels threatened by the entity, the best course is to ask them to leave you alone when they make their presence known.  Increased interaction will increase their presence.


Pretty cool, right? 

And now, my impressions of the team's findings:

1. That picture thing is nuts. I was sitting in my room (obviously) when it happened, and I heard a loud BANG come from my son's room. I just assumed that the team was in there at the time, but it turns out that they were in the guest room and rushed over to try and find the origin of the sound. I didn't know at the time whether or not that photo had been upright beforehand or not, but the night vision photo taken earlier that night clearly shows that it was. If it had just fallen over, that would be creepy enough, but there is absolutely no way for that photo frame to have fallen that way on that small ledge without ending up on the floor. Someone would have had to pick it up and then put it back down, face down. I mean. Yeah. Creepy.  It's a photo of Husband and I from 2003-ish. My son said that he's always putting it back up and just assumed we were putting it face down for some reason. We set it up tonight, as an experiment. 


3.  There could be more than one?? What???

4.  I'm glad they couldn't recreate my ghost photo. Half of me was worried that I was a fraud, even though I'd tried (and failed) to recreate it myself.

5.  I'm so excited they got audio!!  It's so cool, if difficult to hear. The "Mark" recording is the clearest, and it took me several listens to hear the whisper on the "Man" recording, but I still haven't made out "Tess", sadly. I hope you guys can hear it. You really have to use headphones.

6.  My Kid didn't seem creeped out, and that makes me happy. :)

All-in-all, it's nice to have my suspicions validated, even though it seemed pretty obvious that we had at least one ghost residing with us. I wish we could have found out more about who this person/people was/were, but I guess some things will just truly remain a mystery. Like the loud bang that just came from my empty kitchen.

If you're a paranormal investigator or psychic reading this blog post and would like to visit our home and help us find out more information about these dead people, please email me at yearthirtyone [at] gmail dot com. We will not pay you, but I can make cookies or something?

*Well, at least not because of this. I could still be crazy...but REALLY, who isn't a little bit crazy?

**Not that we own anything valuable - YOU HEAR THAT, THIEVES??
***When Rebecca arrived and tried to log on to our internet to show me her findings, our wifi password wouldn't connect her laptop to our internet. We tried repeatedly, I know I had the right password, but we ended up having to use my laptop instead. NICE TRY, GHOST.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Return of Phyllis - WITH PHOTOS

So, last night Husband and I came home early from a date. He took The Kid up to bed and left me alone. I was bored and still gussied up so I decided to take some selfies, as one does. I took a bunch that I did absolutely nothing with (as one does), then one for Snapchat, then Husband came downstairs and we started watching a movie so I kind of forgot about them.

This morning, I remembered the photos and thought I'd crop one into a new avi. When I opened it in Snapseed, I noticed something very unsettling.


I thought that Phyllis had moved on, but I'm guessing this is her. Or, perhaps it was never Phyllis at all but someone else entirely, which would explain the outfit, which looks to me like some kind of colonial garb.

I should note that we haven't had a ton of paranormal activity lately. The Kid did say that he's seen phantom people walking into rooms where nobody's been (we haven't told him about the other activity), but that was a while back. It seemed the ghost wasn't a fan of our landlord, and things would happen when he was here. Once, a glass I was microwaving with liquid in it flew out of the microwave in his direction; another time, right after he left, the globe from over the light in our bathroom crashed down to the floor and broke - nobody was in the room. Since we've bought the home, however, things have been relatively quiet...aside from electronics and appliances constantly burning out or going haywire.

The lights reflected are the lamp (top) and my phone screen (bottom). The other stuff...I have no idea. The only light sources in the room were the lamp in front of me and the television, which is against the wall opposite the wall the couch is against.

I messed with the levels in Photoshop to try and get a clearer picture:


I have other photos that were taken in succession with this one and the form seems to morph. These two were taken in succession but before the above photo, all at 10:00 PM:

These were taken after the top photo,

at 10:02 PM:

...and at 10:04 PM:

And one taken at 10:14 PM, via Snapchat (so I had to reverse the picture and the image quality is much lower):

For reference, here's what the window looks like from this angle during the day:

Here's what's outside the window:

And here's the view from the window, showing what the window would reflect:

So, I guess I'll contact TAPS after all. Although she seems to be living mostly in harmony with us, I'd be interested to know more about her and maybe help her to cross over to somewhere better, if at all possible. Until then, no more pictures alone at night. *shivers*
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