Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vanity What?

Do you guys know about vanity sizing?

It's so stupid.  Vanity sizing is when a store makes their clothes bigger than standard sizes would dictate so that when you go in to buy something, you'l wear a smaller size and feel good about yourself.

I find this ridiculous for two reasons:

1.  I can never buy anything without trying it on first because there's no way of knowing what the hell size I wear from store-to-store.

2.  I have no business buying a size 0 or 2 in anything.

I mean, come on.

I've lost some weight in the past couple of months, mostly due to the fact that I've been working out more and I began eating pescatarian (no meat other than seafood).  As a result, many of my clothes are too big now, so I've been doing some shopping.  I went from wearing a size 6 to a size 4 - or, that's what I thought, until I went shopping at Express.

Now, I've always liked Express.  Their jeans fit me well and they always have coupons and/or sales.  The only thing I hate about Express is that their vanity sizing is OUT OF CONTROL.  Last time I bought jeans there, they were a size 2.

You guys.  I am 5'8" and 135 pounds.  My measurements are 34-26-37.  I have never seen a sizing chart that would put me in a size 2, because that's just insane.  But, the jeans were comfortable, they looked good, and they were on sale, so I bought them.

Now that the weather has gotten warmer and I received some early birthday money, I decided to go shopping for my first pair of shorts in...oh man...ten years?  A long time.  I don't even remember ever buying shorts as an adult, but I must have at some point.  I always wear skirts, but I got it in my head that I should have shorts and I had a coupon, so off I went to Express.

I picked out a couple of pairs of shorts to try on, both size 4, a size S tank top, and a size XS dress because that's the only size that was left and it was on clearance.  I left the store with a pair of size 0 shorts, an XS tank top, and the dress.  WHAT.

Note my non-stick figure, draped in an XS tank top and a size 0 shorts.

Look, I get it:  people like buying clothes in small sizes.  But if I - a tall, healthy woman - am buying an XS, does that mean that truly skinny people can't shop there at all?  I think they go as far down as a 00 and maybe an XXS, but how much smaller could that possibly be?  And when Express shoppers go to other stores, do they feel bad about themselves since they have to buy clothes that are two sizes larger?

I just wish sizing was standard for women's clothes, as it is for men's.  Menswear has it right.  Size 32-32?  Why, that's 32 inches in the waist and 32 inches long, of course.  Anything else wouldn't make sense!

Anyway, I guess I'll make sure not to lose any more weight since I'd rather not shop in children's stores, which I can only assume is where the kind salespeople of Express would usher me if I no longer fill out their size 0.

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