Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey, Girlfriend!

My life has been fun lately.

About a week and a half ago, I worked as an extra on a television pilot for ABC.  The casting call was for people aged 21-27 to play law students in some classroom scenes.  I haven't been 27 for *mumble mumble* years now, but I submitted myself anyway on the off-chance they'd pick me and I could earn a little extra cash.  I assumed they were desperate for warm bodies when they actually put me on the call sheet.  I figured I'd be one of the out-of-focus people, thrown into a corner in the back to fill up empty space.

As luck would have it, the AD put me in a very, VERY visible seat, one away from a main character, three rows up from another main character, and four rows below another main character.  We shot three different outfits over two days (15 hours each), so if the show airs, I'll let you all know in advance so you can keep an eye out for me.  It shouldn't be hard to spot me--I'm the lone old lady in a sea of kids who were all too young to understand my Felicity references.

Turns out that a television set is a great place to meet friends:  you're stuck together for hours at a time with no cell phones allowed and little else to do other than make conversation with those around you.  I met several lovely people on set, but one whom I hit it off with particularly well.  Her name is Nikki and I can't believe it took us so long to meet because I'm pretty sure we've been been best friends our whole lives, only we just didn't know it.  Or maybe in another life?  What I'm saying is we get along like peas and carrots.

The weird thing about making friends as an adult is that it's uncomfortably similar to dating.  You meet someone, you like them, you hope they like you too, and then you exchange phone numbers/social media profiles so that you can keep in touch and, if all goes well, get together again.  The exchanges can get pretty awkward:

We ended up getting together for lunch, which was very date-y too.  We only had a couple of hours and there was so much to fit in, in terms of getting to know one another, that the conversation flowed freely and breathlessly.  I have high hopes for this relationship.  I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but there's talk of a sketch comedy partnership, complete with short films.

Speaking of films, I've decided to pursue more acting/extra work.  Although a lot of people seem to loathe it, I really enjoy working in the background of a scene.  There's hardly any pressure on you to perform as an actor, you get to see behind the curtain of big productions, there are famous people there, and you get paid.  Awesome, right?  I have no illusions of becoming a famous actress--or even getting a principal role--at this point in my life, but I do hope to get one or two extra jobs a month, just for fun.  If you ever catch me taking myself too seriously as an actress, you have my permission to shoot me--or maybe just shave my head or something.  Shooting me would be a bit of an over-reaction.  What's wrong with you that you'd want to shoot me, anyway?  Jeesh.  Psycho.
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