Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gone Catfishing.

I got a really weird email today from a kind stranger telling me that someone was using my photo to scam people on Facebook.  There was a link to the profile, as well as a name listed:  Sarah Grant.

At first, I thought that the email itself was a fishing scam, and when I clicked on the link, my whole identity would be stolen, my bank account emptied, my car repossessed, my child kidnapped--you know, the usual fears instilled in us all about internet safety.  However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that the email and link were legitimate, and I eventually landed on this page:

Interesting banner choice, "Sarah"--if that IS your name.

That profile picture is me, eight years ago (holy crap!  Was that eight years ago??), in a photo taken for the cover of my single, "High".  Here are photos from the same shoot, on the CD and card insert:

Photo courtesy of my wonderful friend Gilbert

I find the fact that someone is using my picture both deeply disturbing and incredibly intriguing.  I have a lot of questions, such as:

  • What in the world is she doing on her Facebook account that she can't use her own photo?  
  • Is she making money?  
  • Why can't I make money using my photo?  
  • How did she get 928 Facebook friends and 343 Facebook followers?  
  • She's over 12 times more popular than I am, and she barely even posts anything publicly!  What the heck??  
  • Is she meeting men, since her profile says that she's single?  
  • Is Nev Schulman going to call me up for a chat?
  • Is she using other photos of me, that I can't see?  
  • Someone commented under her (my) profile picture saying, "very talented young lady"--is she passing my voice off as hers as well?  

So.  Many.  Questions.

I plan on reporting her profile, of course, but not until I find out more information.  I had Husband send her a friend request so that we could see more of what she posts, but she (or he, possibly) hasn't accepted it yet, and may not at all since Husband didn't change his photo, of us together, before he sent the request.  I would make a fake profile for myself and send her a request, but that seems like a lot of work.

If any of you would like to add this "Sarah" person on Facebook as a friend and report back to me with screenshots, I'd be mighty grateful.  If one of you IS this "Sarah" person, then I would really appreciate it if you would stop using my photo/s.  It's weird.

To be continued...
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