Sunday, August 25, 2013

Plants vs. Zombies, out of context

Eavesdropping on Husband and The Kid playing Plants Vs. Zombies:

Husband:  What the heck?  That bird just took my potato?

Kid:  No, it took your WALNUT.

H:  It took my walnut?!?  Ahhhh!  Stupid bird!

K:  What did it do?

H:  Took away my potato.

K:  The walnut or the potato?

H:  The potato.  Or, the walnut. Ahhhh, it's getting ready to take my dragon.

K:  They killed him.

H:  Ahhh!

K:  Die!  Eat.  my.  dust.

H:  Oh, no!  Now they're eating my bomb.

K:  They're still eating the potato.

H:  Good.  Oh, theeeere we go baby.

K:  Feel free to use that superpower on the bomb.

H:  Oh no.

K:  Hey, you can get rid of that.

H:  I'm gonna be in TROUBLE!!!!

K:  Dad, all your lawnmowers are there.  Even if they get past, you're still fine.

H:  Oh, I'm used to playing the special levels, where you can't let anyone get to your lawnmower.

K:  Those zombies are tough. And smart. Even though they don't have brains, they're still smart. What is that?

H:  I don't know..."bounces zombies back into nearby water"  Oooo!

K:  So it's basically a beam that bounces them.  Do you want to be the first to try that out?

H:  Thanks, buddy.

K:  Would you die already?  Birds, could you give me a favor and die?  Thank you!

H:  Oh yeah.

K:  Bam.  Water is their worst enemy!

H:  Ooo, a six-combo.  I haven't done a six combo yet.

K:  I have done a seven combo.

H:  Six combo again.

K:  Oh, I'm getting six combos now.

H:  Oooh, a seven combo!  Another seven combo!  Nice.

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