Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crazy Watermelon Lady

I've somehow become the crazy watermelon lady.

This title seemed unlikely to be awarded to me because a) I don't really eat all that much watermelon, and b) there doesn't need to be a b.  I've never heard of a crazy watermelon lady before.

It all started a couple of days ago when I went to the grocery store.  As I was perusing the fruit section, I came across a box full of watermelons being sold at an exorbitant price, so I took a picture and uploaded it to social media with the caption, "Seriously??":

Look at that "everyday value"!

Everyone who understood the value of a watermelon in the United States was as appalled as I was, and shared in my outrage.  Who does this grocery store think they are, charging nine bucks for a watermelon when five is the norm???

This began a chain reaction of other people talking about watermelon prices in their area, and some snapping a photo of their own market's display.  For example, my cousin tagged me in this one:

That's more like it!

And my friend, Steve, sent me this one:

What?  They're practically giving 'em away!
Then, a friend of mine who lives in Japan informed me that they cost between $20-30 USD each there, so then I felt bad for complaining.

I thought the whole conversation was over, until I went back to the same grocery store today and noticed that the same exact melons which started the whole frenzy were on "sale":

Someone must have rearranged them, because I doubt anybody's bought one.

...and that they were still way too expensive for watermelons.  It was after I posted this photo that I realized I'd become the crazy watermelon lady, and that from here on out, all of my Facebook friends would think of me whenever they saw a watermelon. 

Oh well.  I suppose it's nice to be thought of, even if it is in relation to my miserly attitude towards large, seasonal fruits.  I'll take it.

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