Monday, July 22, 2013


I've had a lot of family out visiting lately, which is one reason I've been absent from the blogging community.  First, my brother and nephew flew out from Missouri, then when they left, my 13-year-old niece, Kaytlin, took their place in the guest room.

I don't know how you people with more than one kid do this.  I will admit, since Kaytlin arrived, it's been easier, but when I had two elementary school-aged kids in this house, I was pulling my hair out.  What is up with all the fighting?  Anyway, it's calmer now, because Kaytlin just reads and cries a lot.

Oh, is that weird?

Let me explain.  When I discovered that Taylor Swift was playing a concert here in Philadelphia on her RED tour, we arranged her visit to coincide with the show.  About a week before she arrived, we were talking on the phone and looking up details when we discovered that Ed Sheeran was one of the opening acts.

"Are you serious???  It says Ed Sheeran???" she asked, breathlessly.

"Uh, yeah.  Why?"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!"

I thought she was going to drop the phone.

Although I didn't know it at the time, Kaytlin has been obsessed with Ed Sheeran and his music for well over two years now.  She knows the words to every one of his songs and dreams about marrying him and having his red-headed babies.  Seeing Taylor Swift perform was now just an added bonus to seeing the one she was really there for:  Ed.

To make a long story short, we went to the concert on Saturday night and it was the best night of Kaytlin's life.  She met Ed Sheeran.  I won't go into the details of how it happened, but I would like to say that this guy, apart from being unbelievably talented, is also incredibly nice.

 He gladly took photos with us, signed Kaytlin's t-shirt (not the one she was wearing, the one with his own name on it which she had in a bag), and gifted her the guitar pick he used in his performance with Taylor Swift.  He apologized profusely for being so sweaty, but we were all sweaty since it was about 90 degrees outside and anyway I know for a fact that Kaytlin appreciated him sweating all over her since she vowed to never wash that shirt again.


After we parted ways, she began crying.  And shaking.  And hyperventilating.  It was hilarious and awesome, and I have never seen anyone so happy or excited in my life--so, of course I took pictures.

She cries a little here and there now, whenever she sees the pictures and remembers that what happened wasn't a dream.  All of her friends are really jealous and Husband and I are now *officially* the best uncle and aunt of all-time.

If you don't know who Ed Sheeran is, I will post this video here for you to enjoy.  I officially love him now, too, though probably in a different way than Kaytlin does.  I hope that he waits five years for her so that he can one day become my nephew--not because he's rich and famous, but because he really is a lovely and talented young man.  :)

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