Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things I Learned This Week 4.6.2013


1.  I ought to have put this whole "weekly feature" thing in my phone with a reminder.  Sorry I'm a day late.  :-/

2.  People really like free stuff.  I gave away nearly 400 free Kindle books during my two-day promotion.  WHAT.  In fact, I gave away so many books that I ended up on various Kindle Store best sellers lists!  How exciting is that?  I felt so cool!

That's me, hanging out with Debbie Reynolds, Tina Fey, Jackie Kennedy, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  No biggie.

 3.  If your water heater appears to be broken, it may just have a bunch of gunk in it.  The water heater in this house has been working really inconsistently during the last few months.  When I finally called the landlord to have him send someone out, it turned out that the problem was just gunk.  All you have to do is drain it and--voilà!  Fixed.  Hooray for hot water!

4.  If I'm shopping and I try on the perfect jeans, I should just buy them.  I'm still thinking about the same pair of Levi's I tried on yesterday and left in the store; in fact, I can't STOP thinking about them.  I'm going back tomorrow, and I will not make the same mistake again.

Mom has some weird nicknames for her friends.
5.  It's a good idea to clean out your phone contacts every once in a while.  My mom is here visiting, and she came with a brand new phone.  Her previous one was literally the same model as the first mobile phone I ever owned.  It had over 400 contacts listed in the phone book, which we had to move over manually due to the fact that computers probably didn't exist when this phone was manufactured.  Luckily, many of the numbers were of people she didn't know anymore, and several of them were dead, so we didn't have to move those over--which got me thinking that I should probably clean house on my phone book more often.

6.  Martha Stewart is 71.  Okay, I actually learned this a couple weeks ago, but I'm still reeling.  71??  Are you KIDDING ME???  She looks amazing.

7.  Ants are magicians.  One moment, your bathroom floor is perfectly clean (save for a bubblegum flavored toothpaste drip, courtesy of The Kid), and the next moment--BAM!  Hundreds of ants!  How do they DO that?  Stupid magic ants.
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