Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New York, New York

Hey, y'all!

I realize that I didn't do the "what I learned this week" feature last week (and that it's already Wednesday), but I was really busy this weekend with a friend visiting, so we'll just add last week's lessons onto the end of this week's.  Cool?  Great.

What a fun weekend!  We finally made it up to NYC for a day visit.  The weather was nice (about 60 degrees) and we had a fabulous tour guide in our friend Sheng, who actually grew up there.  Do you know how much easier it is to get around Manhattan with someone who actually knows which trains go where?  Much.

Parking at the Staten Island ferry is free on weekends, so we took that over and saved ourselves the extra tolls as well as the headache of parking in the city.  Bonus:  the boat goes right by the Statue of Liberty.  The Kid was especially excited about that.

So, what did we do all day, you ask?  Surprisingly little, for as long as we were there!  We got off the boat around 11:30 and left around 8:00 pm.  In that time, we:

Took the subway to midtown
Walked around
Went to FAO Schwartz
Ordered lunch from food carts parked outside of FAO Schwartz
Walked around
Had dessert at Serendipity 3
Walked to and through Central Park
Let The Kid play on a playground for a bit
Took the subway back downtown
Walked around
Bought some finger puppets and a necklace from a street vendor
Had pizza and sangria at the first pizzeria in the USA
Got rice pudding and cheesecake for dessert
Took the subway back to the ferry

Now that I list it all off, I suppose we actually did a lot.  I'd love to go for two or three days next time, though, just so that we could check out a museum or two.  Honestly, my favorite part about any city is just walking and exploring, so in that respect, this trip was a whopping success.

I have a lot of other things I'd like to blog about, so I'll be back soon!
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