Saturday, April 13, 2013

Losing it.

I keep losing things.  To say I'm getting frustrated would be the understatement of the year.

Recently, I've misplaced:

  • A night shirt belonging to a visiting 6-year-old boy
  • A dog harness
  • A tripod
  • A large multiple picture frame containing several irreplaceable photographs.
  • A (hard boiled) Easter egg.*

I have cleaned this house from top to bottom, looked in every nook and cranny, torn apart the couches, and thoroughly inspected both cars as well as the front and back yards, but NADA.  These items appear to have vanished into thin air.  How is that POSSIBLE??

When I was little, my family lost the TV remote control.  After many weeks of searching, my parents came to the conclusion that my little sister, who was going through a hiding phase, had hidden it in the trash can and it had long since been sent to the local landfill.  My son is not going through a hiding phase.  In fact, I've promised him a $2 reward if he finds the dog harness, and he likes money so much that I'm positive that he'd switch teams if he were in on some sort of conspiracy against me.


After a lot of brain racking, I've decided that the answer to my question must be one of following harrowing solutions:

1.  Someone in my house is eating these things.

2.  Our ghost is back and she's taking stuff in protest of our refusal to leave her home.

3.  We have a burglar visiting us sporadically with a penchant for unusual and near-worthless items.

4.  I'm losing my mind.

Obviously, I'm rooting for #1, although I can't imagine that my dog or my son would be able to eat a whole tripod without leaving any sort of evidence behind.

If I've left a stone unturned, I'm open to suggestions.  Though I'm not so optimistic that someone who has never set foot in my house could find my lost treasures, I'm willing to resort to spells, new age techniques, and superstitions, so if you know of any, please leave them in the comments.

I'll post an update if any of these things ever turn up.  Developing...

UPDATE 4/13, 6:51pm:  I FOUND THE DOG HARNESS!!!!!  It was in the pocket of my husband's robe!!**  SUCCESS!!!!

*I don't really need the Easter egg back, but I'd like to know where it is, just in case it's inside my house.
** Admittedly, I am the one who put the harness in the robe pocket because I was wearing the robe at the time, but we're not here to point fingers.
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