Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free stuff! Click here for free stuff!

Holy.  Moly.

Self-publishing is a lot of work, people!  I suppose maybe it wouldn't be if I'd just hit "publish" and let it sit there on Amazon, but since I went to all the trouble of writing the thing, I figured that I may as well try to sell a few copies to people who aren't directly related to me.

Well, actually, my focus isn't so much on "selling" the book right now as much as it is just getting people to read it.  In that spirit, I am announcing my first...


Starting now, until 11:59 PM on Thursday, April 4th, you can visit (or, or whatever your local Amazon might be) and download the Kindle version of Dear Rick, Dear Teri for FREE.

If you don't have a Kindle and would still like to read the e-book version of Dear Rick, Dear Teri, you can go here to download a free app which will enable you to read the book on your computer,  tablet, or phone.

This download is 100% free--no strings attached!  However, if you read Dear Rick, Dear Teri and you enjoy it, I would be your new best friend if you would write a review on Amazon when you've finished reading.  It doesn't have to be a glowing review (though I welcome those with open arms); just be honest.  Nobody wants to be the first one to read a book, so the more reviews a book gets, the better.

I'll soon be doing a signed paperback giveaway, possibly on the book's Facebook fan page, so if you haven't "liked" it already, head on over there and click the button.

Happy reading--and tell your friends!  :)
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