Friday, March 29, 2013

Things I Learned This Week 3.29.2013

I'm starting a new weekly blog feature here on Whatever called "Things I Learned This Week".  It is, as you very intelligent readers have probably already surmised, a list of things I've learned this week. I know, I know--I probably should have chosen a less obscure title.

No matter your age, you really can learn something new everyday, and I'd like to celebrate that fact.

Let's do it.


1.  Having a six-year old child with ADHD sleep over at your house is not a good idea.  I love this child.  He's adorable.  He's sweet.  He's generous.  He NEVER GOES TO SLEEP.  I was up until 1:30 AM trying to coax him to sleep, and then he woke up at 7.  Maybe this will be more fun for everyone when my kid can keep his eyes open past 11, but until that day, this friend will be restricted to day visits only.

2.  Going to a dermatologist who's listed in Vogue Magazine is better in theory than in practice.  I don't think this woman understands that not all of her patients are rich.  She has her own skincare line and the physician's assistant tried to sell me $100 worth of (only two) products.  Luckily, I did leave with a hydrocortisone/steroid prescription for my anxiety rash, and I'm barely itchy anymore.  Hooray!

Yes! I'm annoying ad on the FB sidebar!
3.  Facebook knows way too much about us.  Okay, I actually *did* know this, but it wasn't until I was creating a Facebook ad for my book that I really saw behind the curtain.  Let's just say that if I only wanted Baby Boomer newlywed women who live away from their families, frequent casual dining restaurants and just got a new smartphone to see my ads, Facebook can make that happen.  Creepy.

4.  You can get a kids to fight over broccoli if you offer them enough money to eat it.  Now all I need is more money.

5.  Spring Break is way less fun when you're an adult and your husband has to work long hours that week so you can't go anywhere.  Luckily (or unluckily?) The Kid enjoys staying home more than going out.  This makes for cheap entertainment, but I'm worried that I may be raising a shut-in.  Husband and I gave him our old camera this week, however, and he's started making a web series called "How to Play with Toys" as well as one dedicated to showing off his video game skills.  I'd show you all, but I'm afraid if I did then someone would want to put him on TV, and I don't want him to end up a spoiled, entitled child star.  Sorry. 

6.  If you self-publish a book, you should really make a Facebook fan page for it.  I almost forgot to do that.  Duh.  Also, regarding the book?  I have the best friends ever.  Many kind and generous souls--some completely unexpected--have bought and promoted Dear Rick, Dear Teri for me.  I am so grateful for all the loving support.

7.  This song, which always makes me happy, is by a guy named Andy Grammer.  The video is pretty cute, too: 

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