Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Rick, Dear Teri

Guess what's finally published!

Oh, would you look at that!  I've got something in my hand.  It appears to be a book--that I WROTE!  Boom!
 After six proofs, numerous corrections, and a weird itchy rash which seems to be stress-related (and won't go away), Dear Rick, Dear Teri is finally available to buy in trade paperback and on Kindle!  Hooray!

I'm not sure if I ever really gave a good description before, so here's the back of the book:

What I've basically done is taken all the letters that Husband and I wrote to one another at the beginning of our long-distance relationship and transcribed them for the world to read, along with a prologue, an epilogue, footnotes, and lots of photos.  Considering that I was 17-18 at the time I wrote these letters, you can imagine how sappy they are.  Also, I talk about losing my virginity.  It's kind of like letting people read my diary, which is probably why I've got this itchy rash all over my chest.  So...hold on, I need to take half a Xanax.

Much better.

I know what you're thinking:  WHERE CAN I BUY THIS AWESOME BOOK???  You're in luck, because I just happen to know this information!

A sappy, lovey-dovey preview of what you can expect.
If you live in the United States, you can buy the paperback (with free super-saver shipping!) or a Kindle version (free for Amazon Prime members!) on Amazon, or direct through Create Space.

If you live in the UK, you can buy the paperback or Kindle version on

If you live anywhere else in the world, you can buy it now on your home country's Amazon site.  Just search for "Dear Rick, Dear Teri".  If your country doesn't have Amazon (Where do you live?  How did you find me?), it will be available through other distribution channels, and by request through any bookstore in the near future.

If anyone reading this would like to interview me about the process of self-publishing, about the content of the book, or about anything else, please email me at teri [at]  If you just want to talk to me, off the record, you can email me too!  I like getting email.

So, go (all three of you readers) and buy a book from me!  It's not expensive, and there are lots of photos, so if you don't like it, you can rip them out and put me on your dartboard or put my face on a voodoo doll or whatever tickles your fancy.  I won't hold it against you

 I'll soon be giving away a signed copy of the book here on my blog, so keep an eye out.  I haven't got all the details worked out yet, but I'd like to do something interesting and different.  Think broccoli eggs

*unless you voodoo me into having this rash forever, and then I'll be very sad, but will forgive you eventually and try harder next time to more thoroughly entertain you.
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