Sunday, March 24, 2013

Broccoli-Filled Easter Eggs

This weekend, our neighborhood park had an Easter Egg hunt.  Since we know very few people in this area and don't go to church here, we had our hopes set high as this being our one fun thing to do for Easter.  Unfortunately, when we got to the park, we found an obstacle course in lieu of an egg hunt for kids five and up.  There were a lot of tears in that obstacle course line, including those of The Kid.

As we walked home (without going through the scary obstacle course), we decided to host an egg hunt at our house.  Why not?  This week is Spring Break for The Kid's school, so his friends are all looking for something to do anyway.  He's having three friends over for the hunt on Tuesday evening, and today we spent a couple of hours dying boiled eggs and stuffing plastic eggs with candy & broccoli.

What?  You don't put broccoli in your Easter eggs?

Okay, I never have either.  Actually, it's only in one egg.  My idea was that we'll hide the broccoli egg along with all the other candy-filled and real eggs.  The kids who find real eggs can trade them each in for a dollar and whoever finds the broccoli egg will receive five dollars if he eats the broccoli.  If you're thinking "Teri's plan to get her kid to eat broccoli is really elaborate", then you're right.  He's afraid of all green vegetables, and I'm hoping that by making the vegetable into a fabulous cash prize, he'll be vying for the chance to eat it.

Also, it's funny.

I'll report back after Tuesday.

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