Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wreck Forms and New Cars and Sick Kids and Vacations

I do not understand car wrecks.  SO MANY FORMS THAT MAKE ZERO SENSE.  Why send me a form that's supposed to be filled out by an ER doctor?  Do they expect me to go back to the hospital and give it to them?  And do they expect that the doctor will actually make it a priority to fill it out?  I hate this.

In other news, we replaced our totaled gas guzzler with a shiny new Prius that gets 50 MPG.  Suck it, big oil!  Do any of you have a Prius?  It is FANCY.  And by fancy, I mean it's confusing.  We got a good deal on a new 2012, so we ended up with a level 3, which has all these features I'll never ever use.  The thing is like a freakin' spaceship inside.  ALL I WANT TO DO IS DRIVE, and you'd think that Toyota would want you to be able to do that too, but it's not that easy.  So many buttons.

Not pictured: 15 buttons on the steering wheel (I counted).
Also, it talks to me, which I'm sure will get annoying very quickly.  It came with a DVD to watch so that you could learn how to drive it, which ought to be required viewing before you leave the dealership since Husband accidentally left it running overnight the first night.  In his defense, it doesn't have a key, so...yeah, it's confusing. 

I mean, it has a key, but you don't ever use it since this car starts with a button.  I hate this feature.  Yes, it's faster, but I've never felt inconvenienced by needing to use a key.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned (and paranoid), but if the computer in this car suddenly develops a self-awareness and decides that it wants to kill me  doesn't want to go the speed I tell it to go, I'd like to be able to kill it first turn it off by removing the key.   The car salesman looked at me like I was crazy when I brought up this scenario, but it happens, you guys.

What else?  The rest of this week has been awful. The Kid has been sick with some kind of virus that's given him a fever, a cough, and has made him the saddest-looking 5-year old I've ever seen.  Seriously, it's awful.  I can't stand watching him sit on the couch, zoned out, eyes half open with a used tissue in each hand.  I keep asking him if he needs anything, but he shakes his head and says "no thank you" politely.  It's the worst.  

I leave tomorrow for my solo vacation.  Thus far, I feel pretty healthy.  I'm sucking down zinc lozenges like it's my job, so I'm cautiously optimistic that my time spent by the beach will be productive (in the sense that I'll get a lot of work done--not in the sense that I'll have lots of productive coughs).* I'm bringing lots of ib profin and Sudafed just in case, though, and I've checked Google maps to scout out the location of the pharmacy nearest my hotel.  Can't hurt to be prepared.

I've seen Taken, so I get a little nervous traveling alone to a place where I don't know anybody, but I'll be careful and remain vigilant so as not to get sold into sex slavery. I wish I could travel with pepper spray, but airplanes are such sticklers about chemical weapons these days.  So that none of you lurkers can stalk me offline, I won't be revealing where I'm going until after I get back.  Sorry, psychos.  You'll have to make new weekend plans.

Off to pack.  Bon Voyage!

*Ew.  I'm sure none of you were thinking that anyway, I don't know why I wrote it.  Obviously, I really need this break.  

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