Sunday, January 20, 2013

The $400 question.

Everyone seems to be going on vacations right now.  Cabin fever always seems to hit around this time of year, and I'm no exception.  I need out.

I'm actually supposed to be planning a trip of my own right now, but I'm tired of looking at Expedia/Orbitz/Travelocity/Trip Advisor after spending several hours doing just that over the last four days.  My head is spinning. 

You see, last year I went on a trip to L.A. by myself in March.  On my layover in Salt Lake City on the way home, a flight attendant came over the speaker and explained that the flight was oversold and that they were looking for someone to take a voluntary bump from the flight in exchange for travel credit and food vouchers.  Since I was in no hurry and I was traveling alone, I did it and ended up with a $400 travel credit which had to be used within a year's time.

A year flies by very quickly, people!  I had planned on using my travel voucher to bring someone out to see me, but then I read the fine print and found out that I have to be traveling with the person for them to use my voucher.  Damn.

So, I hatched a plan to visit England.  I'd always wanted to go and I've been putting it off for years.   I started working on some music with my friend Emma and decided that using this travel voucher for part of a ticket to visit her would be like a working vacation, so I wouldn't feel terrible leaving Husband and Kid at home while I jetted off.

This was a very exciting plan and I was all ready to do it until...Husband got sick an needed surgery.  As you're all aware, this was a very expensive event.  I could not justify spending such a large amount of money on myself when I knew we'd have huge bills rolling in that would need to be paid.

Strike two.

Now, I'm left with several options:

1.  Use my voucher to go back to Missouri and visit family.

2.  Use my voucher to take a vacation with Husband somewhere cheap.

3.  Let my voucher expire and just throw away a free $400.

4.  Use my voucher to take a writing vacation by myself somewhere cheap.

#1 is logical.  I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room when I got there and my parents keep asking when I may be coming home again.  The voucher barely covers the cost of my ticket, though, and so nobody would go with me, and I'm pretty sure that when people say "when are you coming?", what they mean is "when is The Kid coming?", because that's what happens when you have a kid.

#2 would be great, especially with Valentine's Day coming up, but since we have zero family in the area, we don't have anyone to watch The Kid.  I suppose we could take him with us, but then there's school to think about.  Also he gets sick on planes and I'm sure that buying three tickets would go way over my $400, so I may as well have gone to Europe.

#3 is stupid.  I'm really cheap, so I only listed this so I could have another option and laugh at it with disgust.  *Bahahahahahaha!*

I'm leaning towards #4.  Husband is actually the one who suggested it, and I really like the idea.  A few days to myself to hole up in a hotel room somewhere (preferably on a beach) and write with no distractions (other than the beach) sounds glorious.  I get very little time to myself at home, and there are always distractions, usually involving a dog or a kid.

This would not suck right now.

SO, I've been narrowing down my choices.  I think I've settled on a place, but I won't tell you all about it until after I get back because I don't know how many stalkers/rapists/murderers read this blog.  I'd like to come back without any new scars, physical or emotional.

This reminds me of last year's staycation, except that it won't be cut short by an ailing Husband coming home early, and I'll probably make fewer YouTube videos and write more words.  And I'll have to go through airport security.  And I'll be somewhere warmer.  And...well alright, it's not really that much like it at all--other than the fact that I'll be alone.  But anyway, it should be a nice little journey.

Have any of you ever done this: gone on a writing vacation by yourself, or even just a vacation by yourself to a place where you know no one?  I'd love any tips, if any of you have any!
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