Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My poor heart.

I'm about to have a heart attack from looking at our insurance claims. 

That's how they get you.  All they need is one trip to the hospital, then it's all downhill from there--a domino effect of health crises, all brought on by the stress of paying for the first one.

I'm thinking of having my husband set up his direct deposit to go directly to the hospital(s).  Skip the middle man.

Seriously, this is insane.  Husband was in two hospitals (transported by ambulance, which actually somehow only added about $90 to the total) and the bills submitted for those stays, so far, total over $25,000. 

The second hospital, where he stayed just long enough to get an echo and have the doctor tell him that he can go home, was over $12K.  How is that even possible??  He sat in a hospital bed with IVs in his arm that were put in place at the other hospital.  They fed him lunch, but he received no medicine there.  HOW CAN THIS BE SO EXPENSIVE???  The claims are itemized, but every fee has "miscellaneous services" under the "description" column. 

I should have known when I found out that it cost me $28/day to park there.

The claims for his surgery haven't even been processed yet, but considering that he stayed overnight in the super-expensive hospital, I'm planning on refilling my Xanax prescription before logging back on to check it out. 

Of course, we do have insurance, so the total amount we're responsible for paying will be in the thousands, not the tens of thousands (if I'm understanding this process correctly--which it's entirely possible that I'm not), but we'll still be paying these bills for months to come, if not longer.

This sucks balls.

The good news is that Husband is cured of his ventricular tachycardia, so he's off medication and won't be getting electrically paddled again anytime in the foreseeable future.  So, there's that.

I'm going to start drinking now.
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