Thursday, January 3, 2013

Filling the hole.

"What in the world have you been DOING with yourself for these last four months, Teri?"

I'm so glad you asked!*

Since last August, I....

Met one of my favorite bloggers,

 Got this kick-ass coffee mug as a pick-me-up from a lovely person,
Sent The Kid off to kindergarten,
 Created some art,

Acquired an addiction to these cookies,
Went to Six Flags,
 Had my hair highlighted,
then colored it dark the next day,
 Took a day trip to Baltimore,
 Walked onto the field before a Ravens game,
 Went out to a fancy dinner,
Put this furniture together ALL BY MYSELF,
Went to dinner with some NFL players and got an awesome mug,
 Brought my niece out for a visit and showed her downtown,
 Tried to remove a window air conditioning unit by myself & failed miserably,
 Went to an Eagles game and marveled at the technology in the suites,
Prepared for Hurricane Sandy,
 Lost electricity--and heat--for 24 hours,
 Got back up and running just in time for Halloween,

Which is a good thing, because it took me forever to sew all these eyeballs on this costume,
Marveled at the leaves,
Stood in the first snow at the school bus stop,
Went to dinner at a billionaire's home and took a picture of his bathroom sink,
  Checked in on the President,
 Saw where Lincoln was shot,
 Toured the Holocaust Museum,
 Marveled at the sunset behind Washington Monument,
 And the beauty of Lincoln Memorial at night,
 Was severely disappointed that Dorothy's ruby slippers were not available to see,
 But still enjoyed seeing Kermit the Frog,
Observed that the world's fattest squirrels reside in our Nation's capital,
Found one of the world's fattest garlic cloves in my own kitchen...
 While preparing Thanksgiving dinner,
Went to an Amish town with a provocative name...
 And discovered that they manufacture and sell decidedly non-Amish products,
 Went on a hayride in the snow...
 To cut down a Christmas tree,
 Decorated the tree,
Went to a Sixers game,
 Discovered that I live across the street from The Griswolds,
 and celebrated Christmas with lots and lots of sugar.

And now you're up to speed.

*Okay, nobody asked, but there was this big hole in the story-of-my-life-as-told-to-blogs, and since I'm kind of neurotic, I couldn't just LEAVE it there, empty.
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