Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, yo.

I haven't gotten out of bed yet on this New Year's morning.  I've been lying here for about an hour, pondering over what I'd like my resolutions to be.

I didn't drink last night and was asleep by 12:30, so I'm well-rested and clear-headed, but I do have to pee, so I'll make this quick.

2013, yo.

1.  Be more positive.  Negative thoughts, be gone!

2.  Spend less time on social media.  What a time-suck.

3.  Finish writing at least one book.  I'm working on adapting my old blog into a book of essays and one of my screenplays into a novel.  I'd love to have them both completed by this time next year, but I'd settle for one.

4.  Read more books.  Yes.

5.  Be more straight-forward and speak up when I'm being treated unfairly.  I did this recently with good results and it felt awesome.  No more letting bad feelings fester and eat away at my insides!

6.  Eat more vegetables.  This won't be hard.  My vegetable intake has slowed to a drip.

7.  Eat less sugar.  This won't be hard either.  At the rate I've been going, it's a wonder I have any teeth left in my head.

8.  See more movies.  When I moved East, I basically stopped going to the movies.  I am gutted over this.  Going out to see a movie has always been one of my favorite things to do, but they're expensive here and babysitters are expensive too and blah blah blah I WILL START GOING TO THE MOVIES AGAIN.

Eight seems like a good number of resolutions.  I figure that since I've written them here, I am now accountable, so feel free to ridicule me a year from now if I make the same list.

Maybe I should have added "will not bore readers with list of resolutions" or "will not torture bladder for longer than five minutes" to the list.  Hm.  Whatever.
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