Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bright Side.

I just fell down the stairs.  Parts of my back are not where they are supposed to be, I can feel it.  A large bruise is forming on my left buttocks, and a small one on my right wrist.  I can't turn my head at all, and my shoulder popped out of place again.

I slipped at the top and my rear end hit every step on the way down.  It probably would have been a shorter, less painful trip had I not been holding this very computer on which I am typing, but I was.  It remains 100% unscathed, so there is a bright side to this accident.

In two days, I have to bring my husband to a hospital downtown to have surgery.  Well, he likes to call it a procedure rather than surgery so as not to make it sound so serious, but when a doctor cuts you open and burns part of your heart, I call that surgery.

Technically, he's having a cardiac ablation performed to correct the ventricular tachycardia that brought him to the emergency room last week.  When he arrived, his heart rate was holding steady at 200 bpm as a result of sitting quietly at his work desk.  He's dealt with episodes like this all his life, but this time (as well as the last) the doctors had to shock him with the paddles ("clear!") to get him out of it.  If you've ever been defibrillated, you know that it's something you'd like to avoid experiencing in the future.  Hence the surgery--er, procedure.

So, my body hurts increasingly with every minute, but at least I don't have to let a doctor burn my heart on Friday.  Another bright side.

I didn't start a new blog just to complain, but it seemed like as good a time as any since I'm sitting alone with my computer in a quiet room.

I'll write more about why I left my old blog and why I wanted to start a new one some other time.  For now, I'm going to pop a pain pill and throw some covers over my head.  Sounds peaceful, doesn't it?  Another bright side.
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